Githabul Next Generation

Breaking Habits

DPM was invited to Githabul Country to facilitate a conversation about important environmental ideas facing the community and create content that could engage, inspire and educate audiences. The project came about through an innovative recycling and rubbish program, developed with Elders in the local community of Muli Muli. ‘Breaking Habits’ is a funky, roots-inspired anthem from the local Original Nations community that hopes to raise awareness and educate people about the importance of caring for country. The song also features vocalist Jennifer Williams – a local cultural leader, mentor, mother, educator and deadly Githabul woman.

May 2017
Githabul country, Muli Muli, NSW
Special thanks to Tash from NEWaste, Danyelle from the EPA, Susan, Salome and the staff of Woodenbong High School
Funded by NEWaste and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA)