Barkindji Soldiers

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Barkindji Soldiers

Heartbeat is a provocative, emotional anthem from the cultural heart of Western NSW.  A mantra for country, for connection, for the Darling River Basin, and a challenge for all Australians to make their voices heard and push for positive change and environmental sustainability.

Nov 2019
Barkindji country, Wilcannia NSW
Special thanks to Wilcannia LALC and Wilcannia Secondary School.
Funded by the EPA and NSW Health.

380 Crew
River To The Sea


The Coomie Crew
Where The Eagle Roams

Culture Connect
The Real World

Bogga Mish
Where Ya From?

Deni Mob
State Of The Heart

The Condo Crew
How Ya Feelin'

Githabul Next Generation
Looking Out For Country

B-Town Warriors

The Mob
Dhinawan Touch The Stars

380 Crew
Yaegl Biirrinba

Cowra Crew
What We Can Do

B-Town Warriors
My Generation

Githabul Next Generation
Breaking Habits

Wetland Warriors
Have You Heard The Word

The Mob
Speak With Me

The OC
Pride Within

B-Town Warriors
Rewrite Your Story

B-Town Warriors

B-Town Warriors
People Of The Red Sunset

2820 Crew
Bring It Back

Wambool Worldwide

Wilcannia Mob
Next Generation 'RiverDown'

Wilcannia Mob
Our Country, Our Way

The Mob
Courage and Excellence


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