Launch: Coomie Crew follow their ancestors where the eagle roams

Coomie Crew is a group of young Original Nations artists from the Barkindji community of Coomealla/Dareton in Western NSW.

Where The Eagle Roams is a West Coast R&B club banger with soul undertones, and an excellent attitude. Inspired by a community of wonderful, sharing, caring, connected people Where The Eagle Roams takes a progressive and positive angle on some serious and debilitating social and cultural issues such as grief, trauma and suicide.

The group has evolved from a storytelling project coordinated with local Elders and young people enrolled at Coomealla High School, funded by Western NSW Primary Health Network (WNSW PHN), hosted by Coomealla Health Aboriginal Corporation (CHAC) and facilitated/directed by DPM.

Ashleigh Camm