Project: DPM helps make magic in Wilcannia, NSW


Last week the DPM crew finished up a really special project in Wilcannia NSW. Despite a big dust storm sweeping through town and huge winds, we managed to get the music video filmed and tried something a little bit different - shooting in the dark with a smoke machine and lighting and working around the weather to get some shots down at the river too. We all came away from the week feeling incredibly proud of the young people we worked with and the energy, hard work and enthusiasm they brought to the filming days especially, they worked like seasoned professionals!

We would like to thank all of the students we worked with as well as the community members who were involved, especially Aunty Brenda for sharing her knowledge of local culture and language and the staff at Wilcannia Central School for their support throughout the week.

Huge thanks to our partners the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) and NSW Health for funding this amazing project.

Ashleigh Camm