Launch: 380 Crew connect to the Biirrinba

The 380 Crew is a group of incredible, young First Nations artists from Yaegl country, Northern NSW. 

River To The Sea is a soulful, melodic trap anthem for the people of the Clarence Valley - Yaegl Nation represent. This song is about respecting culture and tradition. It's about recognising the impacts of history, and the generational trauma that affects First Nations people around Australia, and working together to heal and build a respectful and inclusive future.

The group has evolved from the second of two storytelling projects with local Elders from Maclean, Yamba and surrounding communities, funded by The Yulgilbar Foundation, hosted by Maclean High School and facilitated/directed by DPM. In memory of Aunty Carmel who passed away during the Maclean projects.

Ashleigh Camm