Our Vision

An Australia where Original Nations people are respected, embraced and supported to live a life of their own design.

Our Mission

Working with Original Nations Australians to build a best practice model, creating social change through collaborative storytelling.

Our Process

We facilitate, document and distribute creative and collaborative conversations that explore ‘the real, the ideal and the bridge’.

Our Strategy

Reaching our full potential by building on our success and trusting our creative instincts.
Driving positive cultural change by partnering with like-minded organisations that will invest in our work.
Scaling up our activities to become accessible to all Original Nations of Australia.
Maturing our Business Model and achieving sustainability for the organisation.  

Our Objectives

To develop and deliver storytelling and media mentoring programs for young people in marginalised and disadvantaged communities, particularly in regional and remote areas.
To create dialogue around local social and cultural issues, through the creation of story and art, using a fusion of contemporary and traditional storytelling forms.
To re-engage marginalised young people with community, culture and country and to encourage the development of life skills, access to education, employment and leadership programs.
To develop training and mentoring for young people and artists to deliver Desert Pea Media programs to a wider range of communities.
To grow and maintain a network of partnerships with community organisations and individuals, that supports sustainable and ongoing initiatives.
To create high-end media outcomes to educate audiences, to advocate awareness of social and cultural issues and to celebrate community and culture on a local, national and international level.
To contribute to the evolution of a balanced and respectful social & cultural relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia.